Holland Peak Ranch

1,000 Acre Luxury Guest Ranch
Exclusively Yours For Your Stay

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    Experience an Unforgettable Friends and Family Getaway at Your Own Private Luxury Montana Guest Ranch

    ...Escape the Crowds, Connect with Nature and Each Other.

    Holland Peak Ranch is a luxury Retreat situated in one of Montana’s most breathtaking and pristine mountain valleys. It offers jaw dropping natural beauty, five star luxury accommodations and all-inclusive activities and amenities.

    Most importantly of all however, Holland Peak Ranch offers a truly private setting where up to 14 of your family and friends can come together to escape the distractions of modern life and get closer to nature and each other. You see, during your stay with us, the entire ranch along with all ranch amenities are yours exclusively. No other guests but the ones you invite.

    We know that, while traditional multi-guest resorts may be great when traveling as acouple or a small family, when traveling with groups of friends or family what you value most is the ability to spend quality time, privately with each other; having fun, sharing inside jokes, bonding and – most of all – building memories that last a lifetime.

    Every aspect of Holland Peak Ranch was designed to serve as your private mountain getaway; A second home your family and friends can experience together and come back to year after year.

    Holland Peak Ranch was above and beyond all expectations... The perfect vacation spot for a family or group

    Allyson P. , Guest 2019


    Your Private Retreat for Family & Friends

    Designed for exclusive-use for groups of 8-14, Holland Peak Ranch enables families and friends the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and distractions of modern life and share adventures and unforgettable experiences together in nature. Here there are no crowds or schedules. All activities are custom planned each day by you and your guests.


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