Frequently asked questions

  • Where is Holland Peak Ranch located?

    Holland Peak Ranch is located in the picturesque community of Condon in Northwest Montana along the Swan River and Highway 83. The ranch lies between the Swan and Mission mountain ranges and is flanked by the Bob Marshall and Mission Mountains wilderness areas. Visit our Contact Us page for Google Map and directions.

  • How far is the ranch from the nearest airport?

    Holland Peak Ranch is an easy 1-1/2 hour drive from two airports, Kalispell/ Glacier Park International (FCA) and Missoula International Airport (MSO). The route is on a scenic road that crosses through the Swan River Valley in either direction. If you are flying in on a private aircraft, please ask about airstrips in the area.

  • Do I need to rent a car?

    You will need to rent a vehicle to get to the ranch, as there is no airport transportation available. Both Kalispell and Missoula airports offer several car rental agencies on site. All three residences on the ranch are within a few minutes walking distance of each other, and walking and biking are the preferred methods of transportation while on the ranch.

  • How far is the ranch from Yellowstone and Glacier National Park?

    The ranch is approximately 2 hours from the main entrance to Glacier National Park, and approximately 5 hours from the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

  • Are there outdoor activities near the ranch?

    There are many outfitters in the area that offer everything from trail rides and deep woods hikes to dog sledding. Let us know if you are interested in these, and we will provide you with a list of recommended Outfitter companies in the area.

  • What is the elevation on the ranch?

    The ranch sits in the Swan Valley at an elevation of approximately 4,000 feet.

  • What is the landscape on the ranch?

    Holland Peak Ranch sits in a valley nestled between the Swan and Mission mountain ranges and the landscape is primarily flat and easily walkable. The ranch is surrounded on two sides by State Wilderness areas. There are two private lakes on the property, as well as almost two miles of frontage along the Swan River.

  • What transportation can I use on the ranch?

    Walking and hiking are by far the most encouraged forms of transportation on the ranch to get close to nature. A number of mountain bicycles are available for use, and are complimentary. You may also speak to your host about a guided side-by-side utility vehicle (UTV) tour.

  • What is the weather like?

    The weather on the ranch is typical for mountainous areas and varies considerably per season. Summertime is typically sunny, with temperatures ranging from 65 to 95 degrees during the day. Mornings and evenings are significantly cooler. Spring daytime temperatures range from 45 to 75 degrees. Fall temperatures range between 50 and 80 degrees during the day, with temperatures usually dropping after sunset. In winter, you can expect 25 to 45 degree daytime temperatures, with temperature dropping to the low 20s in the evening.

  • Do you allow children?

    Yes! We welcome families to enjoy all the amenities on the ranch. There is no minimum age required.

  • Do you allow pets?

    While we love animals and wildlife, we do not encourage guests to bring pets to the ranch.

  • Can I fish on my own?

    You are welcome to fish on either of the two private stocked trout lakes on the property. Complimentary fly fishing rods and equipment are available, and your host can offer you guidance as to locations. Please make sure to purchase the appropriate fishing licenses from the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP).

  • What do I pack?

    Since mountain weather can change during the day, we recommend clothes that can be layered. Your host will send you a list of packing recommendations based on your intended ranch experience and the time of year you will be visiting.

  • Is there cell service on the ranch?

    Cell service is available on all three ranch residences, but we cannot guarantee signal quality for your provider. In our experience, AT&T provides the most stable coverage in the area. Please speak with your mobile service provider about cell coverage in the area.

  • Is there a landline available?

    All three residences have landline telephones that are available for you to use. Your host will show you where these are during your welcome tour.

  • Will I have wiFi?

    While we encourage guests to disconnect while on the ranch, complimentary WiFi is available on all three ranch residences. Your host will provide you with an access password during your welcome tour.

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