Our Story and Vision

An exclusive haven amongst the mountains

Privately gather with friends and family, have fun, share outdoor adventures, strengthen bonds and build lasting memories.

While on a trip to Montana twelve years ago, I fell in love. Not just with the stunning mountain landscape and endless outdoor pursuits, but with the feelings it brought out in me and my family. The serenity and balance. The rediscovered joy of simple walks and board games. The intimacy of family conversation during an epic hike.

It’s not just the stunning views, but also the lack of noise that soothes your soul. Amidst this quiet landscape, I found a new connection to nature. To myself and to my family. To the many friends that visited throughout the years. A place to recharge, reconnect with those I love, and be able to return to modern life with newfound strength, inspiration and motivation. In transforming Holland Peak Ranch from my private getaway and favorite place in the world to a luxury retreat for guests my goal was to insure that you, your friends and family experience this magical place as my family and I have; an intimate, getaway to share with those closest to you.

For this reason Holland Peak Ranch has been established as an exclusive-use destination. This means that the entire ranch, along with all ranch amenities are exclusively reserved for you and your guests during your stay.

Simply stated, here you will enjoy all the standard comforts you’d expect from a luxury retreat; refined accommodations, all-inclusive amenities and activities plus – the most important luxury of all in today’s crowded and hectic world – a secluded and idyllic setting to share special time together with the people that matter most to you.

This is what I hope you find at Holland Peak Ranch. My hope is that you leave with cherished memories of your stay that your family and friends will talk about for years to come.

I look forward to sharing this remarkable place with you.

Ralph Cruz